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"Yes! I want to learn how to grow my blog's income with an essential oil business!

You're here because you heard you can make good money with an essential oils business, and you're curious how to make it happen for you, too.

You've heard you can start "a business out of a box" with essential oils....and you want the inside scoop.

You're looking for some extra side income...but still need to be there for your family (practically on demand).

You love essential oils...and want to get them for free since you tell practically everyone about them anyway. 

You're tired of your blog being a money drain...and need to make sure you join the right team to make it profitable (so your spouse will drop the subject).

I hear ya. It's hard these days to start a business of your own, and make sure it actually brings home the bacon

You're so ready for your blog to finally be profitable...and want a mentor (and brand) you can trust

You already use oils and can't stop telling everyone about you might as well get your oils for free (and maybe earn a little pocket money).

You're looking for a side hustle you can do while your kids are at school...that also leaves you feeling energized and excited.

You want to support your all-natural life...without being tied to a 9-5 job that only TAKES you away from everything you love.

I know you want to support your family (or just bring in a little extra green).

You already follow me on social media and my blog, FrugalChicken (which reaches 5 million people every year)...let me show you how you can repeat my success and use essential oils to build a profitable blog - without pulling your hair out or wasting money.

I've helped hundreds of blogges build profitable blogs - and I'm thrilled to help you out too!

Think of me as your mentor to building a more comfortable life....because I've been where you're at, and I know it can be confusing as heck.

Let me help you take your first (and second, and third) steps into a business you can be proud of!

I help people like you:

  • Start growing their step at a time so it's easy
  • Take the leap from "I wish my blog helped us out financially like all those other bloggers" to "wow, we can actually afford things now - this feels great!"
  • Start your essential oil business while the kids are at you feel in control of your finances...and not at the mercy of some employer.

When you open your first envelope....look at the check'll feel like you're on the path to a type of freedom most people don't get to experience.

As you go outside to work on your garden or collect eggs, you'll breathe fresh air in...and feel relieved because you know your home is finally on solid ground. 

Here's the powerful solution for the Do-It-Yourselfer (like you) who wants a self-sufficient blog...without spending 16 hours a day on busy work or wasting thousands of dollars on inventory.

Start Your Own Young Living Essential Oils Business For As Little As $160 

And get a "business out of a box" you can grow as green as your garden

There's a LOT of great essential oil companies out there. I chose Young Living because:

  • The oils are therapeutic-grade, smell and work great, and are sustainably sourced.
  • Besides pure essential oils, there's LOTS of other essential oil-based products to share and something for everyone...making it easy to find the perfect all-natural essential oil products to share (there's even a baby line, making it super simple to find gifts for baby showers!).
  • No sales minimums or pressure...ever. You're free to build your business as big or as small as you want!
  • You get free products every month....and more free products at 3, 6, and 12 months after you join.
  • The teams are the most fun, active, and supportive I've seen...and you feel confident your business will actually be profitable! (I'll say it again: Joining the RIGHT team is the difference between success and failure.)  

Remember the last time you sat down to pay bills....

You: Sliced open the envelope, pulled the paper out....and sighed with frustration.

You JUST payed another bill well over $250, and you were holding on to your last few dollars to buy toilet paper, pay your mortgage, and TRY to save SOMETHING for a rainy day....but it all has to go to pay THIS bill....

And you felt completely frustrated and helpless. Like you're never going to stop this out-of-control cycle....becuse you can't downsize expenses any more than you have.

And you thought..."when does it end. SOMETHING has to change."

I hear you, believe me. We've ALL been there. What if....

Instead of bills in every envelope, you didn't dread the mailbox because there might be a check - money you earned by sharing something you already love - waiting for you?

Let me show you how....

Here's the exact strategy you can repeat to grow your own profitable business:

  • Grab a Premium Starter Kit so you can learn about the oils (and have a blast testing them!)
  • In your first week, identify 20 people you already have a great relationship with (family, close friends, co-workers).
  • Think back to recent conversations you had with them. Maybe they're pregnant, or going through a stressful time, or looking to make heathy upgrades to their lives (who isn't?)
  • Show them your Young Living Premium Starter Kit and other products that you personally love and that they would love too. Show them how these great products fit into their lives (they can have ALL their all-natural cleaning supplies mailed to their home every month!) 
  • When you sign up 3 people with a Premium Starter Kit, you'll get a check - and your own Premium Starter Kit is 100% paid for (see how easy it is?)
  • Continue to grow your business by writing blog articles about how you personally use the oils, and invite readers to try them out!
  • This is the exact stategy I use for my own essential oils business - and you'll get even more great guidance from me and my team!

11 Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils:

Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Immunity Blend, Thieves, Purification Blend, Digestive Blend, Copabiba, R.C. (supports healthy muscles), and Stress Away Blend


  • A home diffuser so you can rid your life of odors, insects, or if you need a little "pick me up."
  • Aroma Glide roller ball top that turns any of your oils into a roll-on so you can bring them with you anywhere (or sneak them into a lunchbox)
  • 2 Ningxia (pronunced "ninja") energy drink samples so you can become the energy ninja you need to be
  • Sample bottles and sample oils so you can share with loved ones

With all 11 all-natural oils plus your home diffuser, roller bottle top, sample oils and sample bottles, and energy drink samples, your investment is only $160. But really, can you put a price on the feeling of independence and confidence you'll get?

(Especially when it smells and FEELS this good!!)

Because you're done scrambling to make ends meet, know you want to start growing your own business, and want to get EXACTLY what you need to get started - right out of the box!

Want some extra guidance before taking the leap? Email me at!