5 Days Bugs Away

Summer Bugs Bugging You (or your pets...or your kids)?

Get my best recipes to make your own natural tick repellents, flea dips, organic garden pest controls, and more! It's 100% Organic & it's FREE!

Why I Created 5 Days Bugs Away

Maat van Uitert, Founder FrugalChicken, Amazon Bestselling Author

Hi there & thanks for joining me for 5 Days Bugs Away!

I know how important it is to you that you and your family are healthy - and I want you to have access to tried-and-true recipes to keep insects out of your home, away from your garden, and off your pets and kids.

In 5 Days Bugs Away, you'll be sent an email every day with my best tips, advice, and recipes to keep bugs away - using 100% natural ingreients.

I'm an internationally-recognized expert, and I've been featured in Backyard Poultry, Chickens, and Countryside magazines, as well as on CBS, NBC,and ABC. 

Thousands of people have used my advice to live a healthier, greener, life, and I'm glad to welcome you to the FrugalChicken family!